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Thursday, 23 February 2006
Update Wars Episode 2: The Bug That Wouldn't Die (And Other Stories)
Topic: Watercrown News
Turns out that the bug I mentioned last time wasn't quite dead yet. The pointer problems were real, but they were semi-unrelated: as it happens, I have my scripts set up to make use of the relatively gargantuan amounts of blank space between script blocks, but I accidentally set two scripts to use the same block of whitespace. That explains, among other things, why I couldn't seem to consistently replicate the glitch: it depended on which script block got inserted (and hence overwritten) first. ^_^;

As an apology for my stupidity, please accept these four new screenshots, fresh off the grill.

Fans of Final Fantasy V should be able to appreciate one sidequest you can perform. Once you get the Piano Set and put it in your room, you can practice on it. Once you've reached master level, you can hold a concert.

Growing flowers, believe it or not, plays a big part in the game. (Apologies for the Japanese text in the background. Some of it is actually part of the game's graphics, not its script, and needs to be translated seperately.) You find Drops scattered across the landscape and earn Seeds from grateful Sylvanians. Different combinations yield different flowers, and there are some Sylvanians who will gladly trade you special items for them or tell you the secret to obtaining certain flowers. There's also one other purpose behind growing flowers, but I'm not going to spoil everything...

Finally, at school you can play one of four minigames to earn Dream Points, the game's currency. The one in the screenshot is the Cleanup minigame, where you sort books according to the card suit displayed on them and return them to the appropriate bookshelves. Yeah, it's as tedious as it sounds, but the text for it was in the script block I've been working on...not the best thing to showcase, but what the hey. ^_^;

I swear, the Music game is freakin' impossible...it starts out easy enough, but the fifth piece is so long that it's hard to tell just what's different between the three versions.

I repeat: I need the English version of the quote, if it does indeed exist, as soon as possible. I can't skirt around translating it forever. The "post a comment" link at the bottom is there for a reason, people. I need all the information I can get...

Posted by Ryusui at 9:05 PM PST

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