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Watercrown Productions DevBlog
Friday, 23 June 2006
Flower Dictionary Translated!
Topic: Watercrown News

Ha, made you look. :p

The actual content is still looming over my translation like an Iron Fist of Doom?, but the interface has been rejiggered quite nicely into its English counterpart. You may also have noticed that I even went as far as to reorder the distinctly Japanese "Year/Month/Day" birthdate entry to the more Western "Day/Month/Year" (although please note that the year has absolutely no bearing on the fortune given; it may, however, affect the link function, which tells you how "compatible" you are with whoever's on the other end of the Game Link cable). If you still have a problem with the arrangement, please let me know; I know there's more than one way to arrange digits and get a sensible date depending on where in the globe you live.

Never say I don't go the extra mile for YOU, the player! ^_^

So. The game is still playable, despite my best efforts to completely break the code and bring the entire game crashing to the ground. (That's a good thing.) Another couple of blocks have recently been polished off quite nicely, although I must confess I have almost no idea sitting right here how far I'm still to go. Flower Dictionary aside, the translation certainly feels almost done, and assuming no serious bugs (like a small annoyance I recently discovered in the Items menu, which I thought I finished months ago; purely cosmetic, but still annoying) crop up, the main meat may very well be done in, oh, another year's time. (I give myself plenty of leeway on this on purpose. If I finish ahead of schedule, it makes me look like a miracle-worker. It works for Scotty!)

On a purely humorous note, please do not attempt to send me any gifts, birthday cake, hate mail or death threats on the date given in the above screenshots. It is not my birthday. Of course, if you're familiar with a certain trilogy of movies starring Michael J. Fox, you may understand it has significance nonetheless.

"Or it could be just an amazing coincidence."

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Posted by Ryusui at 10:28 PM PDT

Sunday, 25 June 2006 - 4:57 AM PDT

Name: "creaothceann"

You say "Day/Month/Year", but in the picture it's "Month/Day/Year". So, which one is it?

Btw, for me "DMY" is more logical. And there's even an international standard (whose name I forgot :/ ) that says "YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:SS".

Sunday, 30 July 2006 - 2:37 PM PDT

Name: "Ryusui"

There should be TWO screenshots. O_O; If you can't see them both for whatever reason, the links are as follows:


(You may have to copy-and-paste the links to view; I have no idea. The URLs are also case sensitive, so mind the .PNG at the end; it's a quirk with how VBA saves screencaps.)

The first one shows the Japanese/International YYYY-MM-DD format; the second one shows my American MM-DD-YYYY format.

Interestingly enough, now that I've figured out how the interface code works, changing the input order is mostly a copy-and-paste matter. So I could switch things around with maybe 30 minutes' work, max.

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